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In the name of God

I swear by the pen and that which they write [therewith] (The Quran, Qalam, 1)

Islam as the most complete divine religion, and the Quran as the everlasting miracle of the last Prophet, Muhammad, have guaranteed the felicity of all human beings and regarded acquiring knowledge and getting away from ignorance as essential items for achieving perfection.

Seeking knowledge is obligatory for any male and female Muslim

The high status of teaching and learning in the words of God, the Prophet and Ahl al-Bayt, doubles the duty of any Muslim to attempt and serve in the area of acquiring knowledge as well as preparing the necessary conditions for training scholars and educated persons.

The history of Islam bears witness to the inexhaustible efforts made by men and women to achieve high levels of knowledge, quenching the thirst of seekers of knowledge from a pellucid spring of their knowledge and erudition.

The Islamic revolution in Iran, which achieved triumph in 1979 February 11 through the efforts and diligences of gallant women who combated together with brave men, needed the presence of knowledgeable and committed women in scientific realms and managerial offices to continue its way.

The community of Iranian Muslim women made great efforts to promote their scientific status and to liberate themselves from the ignorance of oppressive regime of Shah so that they may play a unique role in acting according to the instructions of Ahl al-Bayt’s and achieving the goals of Islamic Revolution through their presence in universities and seminary centers.

Accordingly in 1984, Imam Khomeini granted the request of the great personages of seminary schools and ordered the establishment of a comprehensive center – entitled Jame’at al-Zahra (named after the Prophet’s daughter Fatima al-Zahra) – for training pious, insightful, thoughtful and Islamist women.

Religious Education

1- level 2

Among the most important tasks of Jame’at al-Zahra is teaching seminary lessons to women. To do this, there is an annual admission of thousands of women from Iran and all over the world in six forms as well as an admission of students in distance education and electronic courses in level 2 (BA) as a high step towards educating female students under the supervision of ten departments.

three forms of seminary schools include:        

moemenat (daily full-time students & dormitory full-time students / morning half-time students/ Kowthar (courses for talented students)

Fā’izāt (evening half-time students)

Mishkāt (non-Iranian students) / daily & dormitory full & half -time students

2- level 3

The women graduated from level 2 as well as those graduated from national and international universities with a BA degree in related majors can continue their higher education in MA level in specialized centers of Jame’at al-Zahra.

Various scientific majors include: Exegesis and Quranic Sciences (normal and distance courses); Theology/ Mahdawiyyat-Islamic Theology (normal and distance courses); Jurisprudence and Principles of Jurisprudence (normal and distance courses); Islamic Philosophy-Islamic Education / education for children and juveniles & Education Management (normal and distance courses); Teaching Arabic Literature-History of Islam (normal and distance courses); Preaching/ Hajj-Women’s Islamic Studies-Family Consultation, religious.

3- level 4

In view of the female students’ frequent requests and after getting the necessary licenses, the educational course for level 4 of seminary sciences was inaugurated in 2014, aiming at a good command of the tenets of various courses in the following disciplines:

Jurisprudence and Principles of Jurisprudence (minor: jurisprudence of family); Exegesis (minor: comparative Exegesis-Quran’s Teachings and Sciences); Islamic Theology, Transcendental Theosophy, History of Islam (minor: Ahl al-Bayt).

4- High level

 Since 2017, this institute has prepared the ground for promoting women’s scientific degrees by taking part in super-specialized courses of “higher education in jurisprudence”, aiming at training spiritually purified experts in jurisprudence and prominent scholars among women, using prominent educators.

Non-religious Education

1- Huda Non-Governmental Educational Complex

Based on the needs of the modern Islamic society and through efforts made by the board of founders in 1988, “Huda Female State High-School for Islamic Teachings and Sciences” was founded in Jame’at al-Zahra on the basis of a license granted by Ministry of Education, and gradually expanded its branches in other cities including Kerman, Bawanat, Kahnuj and Rafsanjan.

In 2007, following brilliant results in “Schools of Islamic Teachings and Sciences”, Huda Non-Governmental Educational Complex was founded, and a pre-school center, a primary school, and a high-school in science, mathematics and humanities began their activities.

2- Huda College

Huda College of Islamic Teachings and Sciences inspired by the programs and goals of the 20-year perspective document of IRI and aiming at strategic evolution as well as promoting the quality level of education was founded in 1998 under a license granted by “Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Technology”, with an experienced group of educators, preparing the ground for higher education of women from Iran and other countries in BA level in 5 majors including: Sciences of the Quran and Hadith, Islamic Philosophy and Theosophy, Islamic Philosophy and Theology, Jurisprudence and Foundations of Islamic Law, and Psychology, as well as MA level in 7 majors including Sciences of the Quran and Hadith, Educational Management, Islamic Philosophy and Theology, Jurisprudence and Family Laws, Private Law, Criminal Law and Criminology, and Study of Shiism (minor: Theology).

  1. Practical training

Along with the authorized courses, a variety of practical courses (including training of the researchers, preachers, educators, consultants, cultural managers, experts in answering religious questions, translators, and compilers of textbooks, ….) are held to train learners to acquire related skills for applying their knowledge, resulting in preparing the students for activities in one of the specialized spheres needed by the society.

Besides, holding various courses on cultural matters and promoting personal skills (including working with computer, life arts, plastic arts, writing, …) for students and their daughters during the educational year or during the summer has had a great role in nurturing their talents and preparing them to confront various issues in daily life.

  1. Research Affairs

The necessity of promoting scientific and research standards of the students and graduates with a look at “research-centered education” has been the focus of attention for the authorities of research affairs in this great scientific center. Among the great achievements in the area of research was establishment of “Hazrat Ma’souma Research Center” under supervision of 5 research-scientific groups (Ethics and Education, Exegesis and Quranic Sciences, History of Islam, Jurisprudence and Law, Philosophy and Theology) in 2005. The following are among the achievements of that center: providing and updating scientific sources as well as the methods of offering services in Hazrat Ma’souma library, conducting research projects and plans, holding free-thinking tribunes and scientific-research sessions, composing various journals, initiating composition of Encyclopedia of Muslim Women and training hundreds of experts in social modern issues, particularly in the realm of ‘woman and family’.

  1. Independent management and centers

1- Short-term Religious Training Center

With due attention to the necessity of diffusing Islamic teachings among all Iranian and non-Iranian women who are not students in this institute, Jame’at al-Zahra founded the “Center for Short-Term Educational Courses”. Holding a variety of courses on knowledge and doctrinal issues to present a vivid picture of Islam and Ahl al-Bayt in proportion to requirements of the centers, institutions, and real and legal entities inside and outside Iran is among the services of this center.

2- Center for Elite Affairs and Top Talent

For supporting and scientific promotion of elite students and higher talented individuals, the affairs related to attraction and planning specified to such students are managed by the “Center for Elites and Talented Students”.

3- International Language Training Center

Since those students who are eager to be educated in religious sciences are admitted in this great scientific center from other countries as well, familiarity with Persian language is especially important in order to have education in BA level as well as teaching, doing research, and preaching along with Iranian students. To do so, the “International Center for Teaching Persian Language”, with its precise planning, is presenting initial and during-education courses in the form of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills for preparing the non-Iranian students.

4-  Answering religious questions and Consulting Center

Among the important active centers with many addressees are the “Center for Answering Religious Questions” and “Consultation Center”, which use tens of skillful and experienced experts all day long to fulfill the needs of all women, students and their families.

5- Association students

Along with all these, a variety of research, scientific and cultural associations have been established by active presence of students and graduates of Jame’at al-Zahra to work in line with modern needs of human community.

  1. dormitory

Creating a safe and comfortable environment for housing of the female students who attend this great scientific center in holy city of Qom from all parts of the world was among the important concerns in the time of its establishment. Therefore, Hazrat Khadija Dormitory Complex adjoining the educational center has been prepared with a beautiful and independent environment and a capacity for accommodating more than 1200 students

  1. sports Complex

Based on the advice given by Infallible Imams and emphasis laid by the Supreme Leader of IRI regarding the importance of sporting activities and vitality during education, the “Martyr Fahime Sayyari Cultural-Sporting Complex” was initiated with facilities such as pool and specialized saloons equipped with necessary tools, active in 20 sport branches, in order to promote the spiritual and physical delight and vitality of the students and graduates.

  1. kindergarten

This great scientific institute has started the largest ‘nursery school’ based on Islamic teachings for suckling infants and young children in two sections for Iranian and non-Iranian children to facilitate conditions for mothers in the related schools and prepare the ground for future education of girls from childhood up to
the highest scientific levels.

  1. Other services and facilities

Facilities such as a special exclusive clinic, a virtual store for books and educational sources, Kowthar cultural and educational camp in Dastjerd, pilgrim-house in Mashhad, “Islamic Awakening” saloon with a capacity to accommodate 1400 persons for national and regional conferences and meetings as well as an exclusive terminal for intramural and intercity transport, planning and performing the printing affairs of works of educators and students by the central publications, hlding numerous pilgrimage and travelling camps (Holy Mashhad, Arba’een walking journey, Rahiyan Noor, …) all have been prepared for those seeking knowledge in this complex.

Ending speech

This prominent seminary complex hopes to step towards identifying, attracting and training female students eager for acquisition of Islamic sciences under the graceful attention of Imam Mahdi, and supports from Supreme Leader of IRI and great religious authorities as well as making use of skilful educators and modern educational methods and a rich backup of past experiences as well as reliance on administrative office familiar with today’s issues related to the sphere of women and family.      Inshallah

 Peace be upon the righteous slaves of Allah

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